Offshore location

The Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm extension is to the north and the east of the existing wind farm, while its Dudgeon counterpart is to the north and south east of the existing Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm site. The proposed extension areas share the boundaries with its existing wind farm site.

Dudgeon Windfarm offshore site location map

Equinor has undertaken the site selection process to identify the most suitable areas for extensions, and has sought to minimise conflicts with other marine users and existing seabed infrastructure.

With Sheringham Shoal currently having a power generation capacity of 317MW and Dudgeon having a 402MW capacity, it is anticipated that up to a maximum of 61 turbines will be erected, 27 in the Sheringham Shoal extension site and 34 in the Dudgeon extension site.

Equinor is seeking to develop the extension project with a joint transmission infrastructure. A common offshore substation infrastructure is planned to be located in the Sheringham Shoal wind farm site.

The seabed export cable which will transmit the power generated by both wind farm extensions will make landfall at Weybourne.